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The Difference Between Dating and Having a Relationship

The Difference Between Dating and Having a Relationship

It seems as though many teenagers assume that dating and having a romantic relationship are the same.  They’re actually very different because of the intensity required for each.  Dating is an engagement to go out socially with another person.  When you choose to date, you are not looking for a long-term commitment.  You simply want to enjoy having fun with lots of different people.

On the other hand, having a relationship means being committed to the same person for a period of time.  Few teenage relationships have the potential to last a lifetime simply because teenagers are young and inexperienced in adapting to other individuals’ emotional needs.

Since teenagers mature at different rates, one option may fit better than the other.  Some teenagers may choose to neither date nor commit to a relationship.  Keep in mind that, while dating and having relationships can be fun, they certainly aren’t the most important social aspects of middle and high school. Basic friendships are the most important.  Just remember to relax and have fun!