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Worst Ways to Break Up with Someone

  1.  Say, “I just want to be friends.”
  2. Use instant messenger, email or text
  3. Write “dumped” and stick it on his or her forehead.
  4. As a close friend to do it for you.
  5. Get your mom or dad to do it (Seriously? You should be embarrassed for even thinking about it).
  6. Engage in a serious conversation and ask, “What’s your worst nightmare?” Then say, “Oh, really? Mine’s being with you for even a minute longer.”
  7. Put “I want to break up with you” on the scoreboard at halftime of your school sporting event.
  8. Plan a romantic picnic complete with a cake that says, “It’s over.”  Meet at your planned meeting spot, hand the picnic basket and blanket to him or her, and say, “Have fun!”  Leave immediately.
  9. March up to him or her and say, “Dating you is like taking an arrow to the knee!”
  10. Text saying, “It’s over. I’ve fallen in love with your best friend.”

Teen Relationships.  The Good…Bad…and the Ugly!

The Good…

There are many good outcomes of having a relationship.  Dating allows you to learn about the type of person you enjoy spending time with.  A significant other is someone who you can count on and have fun with.  Also, knowing that someone cares for you and will always support you is a comforting feeling.  A boyfriend or girlfriend can easily turn a bad day around.  It’s great to have somebody to whom you can express your thoughts and feelings.

…The Bad…

The majority of teen students may not have a serious girlfriend or boyfriend.  In fact, some students choose not to date in high school because there are more benefits that come with being a single, independent teenager. Because of the time a serious relationship consumes, it can be hard to take advantage of your school’s special opportunities.  Extracurricular activities like clubs, sports, and fine arts are a great way to spend time productively and make friends.

…The Ugly

Teen couples break up every day.  Although there are exceptions, most teen relationships only last about a month.  A break up with someone that you feel strongly about can make you feel as though your heart has been ripped out and stomped on.  At the moment, breaking up feels sad and horrible, but it also brings forth new possibilities.

Keep in mind that breaking up isn’t just an ending but also a new beginning.  Remember the possibility of new relationships and adventures with new friends that your old boyfriend or girlfriend may not have gotten along with.  After your past relationship, you may find a new one that is more suitable to you in the long run.  If and when someone breaks up with you, be optimistic about it.  Bounce back from it.  Get out and do something.  Go see a funny movie. You may have felt like you were in love, but for most teens, love doesn’t last.

Finding and Keeping Someone to Date

Before you start dating, there are some things you should know.  Be sure to know someone’s good and bad qualities and learn to appreciate both before the two of you decide to advance to a serious relationship.

Talk to each other; talk about families, friends and hobbies you both enjoy.  Knowing these kinds of things will give your relationship a solid foundation and an excellent start.  A relationship in which people skip this “getting to know you” phase can quickly turn sour.

Be friends with your boyfriend or girlfriend before you move up to the next level.  Friendship is what makes a relationship last.  Also, if you‘re friends before the relationship gets really serious, you’ll know the person on a more personal level.

Communication often keeps both members of a relationship happy.  Sometimes you look at a person and decide that you would never date her or him, not even in a million years, just because of the way they look.  You should always consider that everyone has a lot more to offer than looks. Don’t be shallow by basing your relationship on the appearance or athletic ability of your partner.  Sure, that’s what may attract you to each other, but it isn’t a strong foundation for a healthy relationship.

Most importantly, trust yourself before others.  If something in your mind or body is telling you that what you are doing isn’t right, don’t do it.

Make a Fashion Statement

Like body movements, postures and dropped objects, clothing is especially appealing to our visual sense.  For guys and girls alike, brightly colored, high-contrast clothing is as perfectly adapted to gaining attention just like the peacock’s tail.  Colorful and unique T shirts that stand out are better choices than tops in muted, boring colors.

Despite the popularity of black, our brains subconsciously seek vibrant colors and find them more exciting.  Black shows presence and makes a serious fashion statement, but doesn’t invite approach.  Bright colors arouse emotions while darker shades dampen them.

Eye catching designs draw attention because they are unique and more intriguing than the norm.  i like shirts are uniquely styled t shirts for girls that are fun and interactive to wear.  “Tell ’em what you like and get what you want.” That’s the premise of an i like shirt.

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