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i like shirts video

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i like shirts on Time Square Jumbotron in New York

i like shirts on Time Square Jumbo Tron in New York

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The i like shirts press release

Make Your Fashion Statement;

The i like shirts Announces Launch of New Interactive T-shirts for Girls

West Palm Beach, Florida, United States, 04/01/2011 – i like shirts announces the launch of their online t-shirt store.  With the launch of the site, also comes the distribution of their product through a network of retail boutiques and wholesale channels.  Catering to girls of all ages, the unique i like design makes wearing this t-shirt fun and interactive.

Each t-shirt has the words “i like” big and bold – front and center near the neckline with colorful swirls cascading down to the bottom then pointing to the backside of the t-shirt.  The lower back of each t-shirt then has a word to express what the wearer likes.  Such as: candy, txting, movies, etc.  “To get what you want you gotta tell ‘em what you like.”  That’s the premise of the i like t-shirt.  It’s a fun way for girls to communicate what they like and get what they want.

The i like t-shirts come in a variety of colors made from high quality 100% combed cotton and claims to be, “The softest, most comfortable t-shirt you’ve ever worn.”  i like shirts uses texting symbols and abbreviations on some of their designs keeping up with the latest way young adults communicate with each other.

The first six t-shirts to be released are:

  • movies – gray t-shirt
  • candy – pink t-shirt
  • hugs – yellow t-shirt
  • txting – blue t-shirt
  • : D – white t-shirt
  • pirates – black t-shirt

There are so many more t-shirts to be added in the coming months.  Here are just a few to watch out for: friends, attention, d8ing, u, t2ul, jewelry, sbux, prts, ask, nerds, love, chocol@, fb, tlkn, shopn, noyb, surprises and vampires.

The t-shirts may be worn individually or layered on top of each other to show two things the wearer likes.  With the purchase of each t-shirt the buyer will also receive a free i like bookmark.  Please visit our website at to see all the colorful styles to choose from or stop by and visit us on Facebook and Twitter.


Best Places to Go on a Date

i like laughing t shirt
Top 10 Best Places to Go on a Date
  1. The movie theater
  2. A restaurant
  3. A sporting event
  4. A friend’s house in a big group
  5. An amusement park
  6. The mall
  7. A park
  8. The bowling alley
  9. A nature walk
  10. Coffee house

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