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Getting a Guy to Notice You

This technique for meeting someone new is for shy, patient people who don’t want to put themselves in a situation where they can be publically embarrassed.

Maybe you’ve seen this guy a few times and would like to let him know you are interested in getting to know him better.  Sure, you can just approach him and say, “Hi, my name is….. I’ve always wanted to meet you.”  But, not many people are comfortable with doing something like that.  This technique is for shy, patient people who don’t want to put themselves in a situation where they can be publically embarrassed.  Done correctly, no one will know what you’re doing – not even the guy!  That eliminates the risk of being humiliated.

Let’s get started.

Ok, if he is walking toward you and you’re within 3 steps of each other, slightly angle the front of your body toward him and look at his eyes.  If his eyes meet yours hold the contact for 2 seconds then smile at him when you are one step away from passing him.  This all has to be executed in a very subtle manner. You never want to exaggerate any of these tips because you can easily be giving the wrong signals with an aggressive walking posture or a stare that goes from interested to creepy.

If he walks by without noticing your eye contact keep trying the technique each time you see him until he does notice your glance.

Now, once he notices your first glance repeat the technique again the next time you walk by him.  You may be surprised to see that he is actually looking for your glance this time.

On the third time you walk by him, raise your hand slightly to give a small wave hello.  If he waves back that is a great sign!  Each time you walk by each other be sure to smile and say, “Hi.”  From here, it will be much easier to talk with him when you see him around school.  If he’s sitting with some friends and you know one of them go over to your friend and join the group.  With a close setting like this, you’re bound to end up talking with him.  Have something in mind to talk about.  Like, maybe,  a movie you can’t wait to see.

This instruction isn’t meant to guarantee results it’s just a subtle way to get to know someone without the risk of embarrassment.

Analyze your results.  Did he look for you?  Did he smile or wave back?  This technique of getting to know someone new is a mild way to get what you want.  If he sees your eye contact and avoids you or intentionally doesn’t look your way, move on.  Not everyone is going to be interested in getting to know you better.  And that’s ok. There are a lot of guys out there and now you’ll have some tools to use when you want to meet someone new.


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